Flea Market In The Kindergarten

At about one week ago, we were informed by Miaomiao’s teacher that the kindergarten would hold the flea market next friday and each kid should prepare some toys or books to sell with the help of his/her parents.
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Thanksgiving Day In Kindergarten

This thursday was the Thanksgiving Day. But the kindergarten in our community invites our parents to participate in the activities of the Thanksgiving Day with our kids on friday. All the kids were informed in advance in the kindergarten by their teachers, including Miaomiao.
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The Forth Day To Go To Kindergarten

It’s the forth day for Miaomiao to go to the kindergarten today. She slept late last night, and went to pee sevral times in the midnight because she drank too much water before sleep. So she can’t wake up early by herself this morning. At last her grandpa wakes her up at about ten to eight.
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