Happy Women’s Day!

Today is the Women’s Day. The kindergarten kids give every mom or grandma a flower and a card when we take our kids to the kindergarten in the morning. With the card, every mom or grandma can enjoy the services provided by the senior group kids once. These services include putting on makeup, hairhairdressing, nail polish, placing facialmask, chocolate and cookies. Very sweet and interesting.

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Autumn Military Sports Meeting

It is autumn again, and the autumn sports meeting of the kindergarten is coming. I still remember the situation of the autumn sports meeting last year. Miaomiao didn’t want to join in the class square at the beginning and cried a lot in the sports meeting and even missed the class photo at last. So how about this year? The teacher informs us that it’s a military sports meeting this year. And sevral Instructors will come and prepare many interesting games with the kids and their parents.

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