Learned To Put Off Sweater Vest

It’s getting colder and colder these days. I found Miaomiao’s sweaters last year and bought two new sweater vests for Miaomiao about two months ago. But Miaomiao refused to wear sweaters or sweater vests again since she wore them to the kindergarten sevral times. Continue reading Learned To Put Off Sweater Vest


Thanksgiving Day In Kindergarten

This thursday was the Thanksgiving Day. But the kindergarten in our community invites our parents to participate in the activities of the Thanksgiving Day with our kids on friday. All the kids were informed in advance in the kindergarten by their teachers, including Miaomiao.
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A Little Disappointed Sports Meeting

The kindergarten held a sports meeting last saturday afternoon. Miaomiao’s teachers informed all the parents to take our kids to the desired stadium which was not far from our community before half past two o’clock in the afternoon. All the kids were desired to wear kindergarten uniforms.
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