Angry In The Midnight

Miaomiao started to sleep on her little bed last month. She was glad to sleep there at the beginning and we were also agreed to let her to sleep on our big bed after sevral nights on the little bed if she wanted. But she was gradually not willing to sleep on her little bed and couldn’t fall asleep easily there. She started to sleep sevral nights on our big bed and one night on her little bed. I still had to sleep with her on her little bed till she fell asleep and then went to the big bed even in this way.

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Go To The Park With. ..

The winter holiday of Miaomiao’s kindergarten started from this Tuesday’s afternoon. As it was Miaomiao’s grandpa’s birthday this Wednesday, Sam drove us back to Suizhou – Miaomiao’s grandparents’ home late in this Tuesday afternoon. We joined Miaomiao’s grandpa’s party this Wednesday. Miaomiao listened to us and called her grandparents during this party. Continue reading Go To The Park With. ..

The Most Favorite Present For Christmas

The Christmas is coming. The kindergarten asked each of us to bring a present for our kids to the kindergarten secretly and then a kindergarten teacher who dressed like Santa Claus will give these presents to our kids this friday. “Kids would be very happy and surprised to get gift from the Santa Claus.” Miaomiao’s teacher explained to our parents two weeks ago while telling us this news.
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