Grand Art And Culture Show Of The Kindergarten

Miaomiao went to the kindergarten as usual everyday. The new teachers taught them to sing, to read, and to play everyday. The Montessori math course had not been started. The kids also needed to practice dancing for the coming Grand Culture And Art Performance everyday.

This Performance was originally organized and planned to be show by the kindergarten at the end of july. Different class would prepare different program in the grand performance. Miaomiao’s class prepared to dance a song named China Style. Teacher Kitty and Linda started to teach the kids to dance at the beginning of June. At first i thought Miaomiao wouldn’t join the performance as we asked a month off for her in july. But since the performance was postponed to the end of september, Miaomiao should and would join. But i was still a bit worried for her because she didn’t practice the dance in july as her classmates. Could she follow the step of the dance? I noticed from her classroom video that she stood beside sometimes while other kids were dancing. I asked her teacher if she could join the performance, and her teacher answered no problem. I also asked Miaomiao if she could dance. She also said yes.

Today is the performance day. The kindergarten informed our parents to take our kids to a nearby college hall before half past eight on the required clothes. So i wake Miaomiao up at about seven o’clock in the morning. In order to watch Miaomiao’s performance, i bump about 80ml breast milk out in a milk bottle for Peach at about a quarter to eight. After we eat up our breakfast, Miaomiao’s granpa and i take Miaomiao out. It’s raining outside. We take an appointed taxi to the gate of that college and then walk to the hall.

We arrive at the hall a bit late. There are already many kids and parents and teachers in the hall. We find Miaomiao’s class and ask her to stand behind one of her classmates. I go to the auditorium to wait for the performance after she and her classmates go into the back of the stage by a small door. Her granpa goes into the auditorium earlier and finds a nice seat.

There are one hour’s rehearsal time before the performance. And the China Style of Miaomiao’s class was the first program in the performance. I feel excited when they come out from the purdah and find her immediately among her classmates. The kids behaves nice in the performance especially the girls. Miaomiao dances to the music with her classmates. She also performs well, though she seems to forget the movement sevral times. But she looks beside and follows others immediately, which make me feel happy and proud. After all, she didn’t practice to dance in july, compared with other kids.

Miaomiao’s teacher takes the kids to the auditorium after they finish their dance and let them sit beside us. The performance continues. Miaomiao sits on a seat beside her classmates to watch other class’ performance. I change the clothes for her and give her water and some snacks. Other kids give her some other snacks, and i also let Miaomiao share her snacks with her classmates. A cute boy brings a chair for me and i sit beside Miaomiao. A crying girl comes later with her mom and grandma and says that Miaomiao pushed her on the stage just now. I ask Miaomiao if she really pushed the girl but she doesn’t say a word. I ask her to apologize to that girl. She agrees and says sorry to her. Then the girl leaves with her mom and grandma. I ask her why she pushed that girl but she still doesn’t answer.

I ask Miaomiao’s grandpa to watch the rest performance with Miaomiao and then i go home in advance. Because i am a bit worried about Peach and don’t know whether her grandma can feed her breast milk i pumped with milk bottle well. Miaomiao comes back later nearly noon with her grandpa.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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