Grand Art And Culture Show Of The Kindergarten

Miaomiao went to the kindergarten as usual everyday. The new teachers taught them to sing, to read, and to play everyday. The Montessori math course had not been started. The kids also needed to practice dancing for the coming Grand Culture And Art Performance everyday.

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New Term And New Teachers

The new term of Miaomiao’s kindergarten started at 1st, September. Miaomiao would become a middle class student since this term. Teacher Kitty – Miaomiao’s master teacher in primary class, informed us that she and another primary class teacher Linda would leave this term, and there would be two new teachers for the kids in the class this term. She also told us that she would stay in the class for two more weeks to help the kids to get used to the new teachers and new environment. She invited the kids to go to the new classroom to play since 28th, August and she would be there to wait for them.

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