Angry In The Midnight

Miaomiao started to sleep on her little bed last month. She was glad to sleep there at the beginning and we were also agreed to let her to sleep on our big bed after sevral nights on the little bed if she wanted. But she was gradually not willing to sleep on her little bed and couldn’t fall asleep easily there. She started to sleep sevral nights on our big bed and one night on her little bed. I still had to sleep with her on her little bed till she fell asleep and then went to the big bed even in this way.

As she had slept on our big bed for sevral nights, i asked Miaomiao to sleep on her little bed last night. But Miaomiao didn’t want to sleep on her little bed. As her little bed had mosquito net and our big bed didn’t have, I was worried that she might be bitten by mosquitoes as sevral nights before. So i told her that i would sleep on the little bed at night and asked her if she wanted to sleep on the little bed with me. She agreed. So we both slept on her little bed. But i still went back to the big bed after she fell asleep.

Then when she mumbled and wanted to pee in the midnight, i went to her little bed immediately and then asked Sam to take her to the toilet. She was not pleased when Sam took her back to the little bed. I lied down beside her and wanted to help her sleep again. She yelled and said that i was wrong and needed to change. So i followed her words and said that i would change. But she was still unhappy and lost her temper. She repeated that i was wrong and started to kick me. So i left her little bed and sit on my big bed to watch her. She continued to kick the little bed. So i went to the toilet immediately and then came back to sit on our big bed. Miaomiao cried loudly and shaked her mosquito net continually when i came back. She wanted to destroy her mosquito net and seemed angry and sad. “What are you doing? Nothing we will buy for you from now on if you still do like this!” Sam was angry to Miaomiao and said loudly to her. He even turned on the light and said, “You don’t need to sleep if you don’t want to!” Miaomiao shaked her mosquito net for a little while and then lied to cry sadly. I waited for a while and then said to her, “Mommy hold for a while, ok?” She agreed and came to me. I took her to the toilet and asked her if she felt angry because i returned to the big bed. She nodded her head. I told her that i felt sorry to her for not telling her that i would come back to sleep on the big bed at the beginning, but i would not do like that in the future. I also told her that she shouldn’t lose temper and destroy things when she was angry, as she needed to say clearly about her feelings at that time. I also explained to her that her dad didn’t know the reason and felt angry because she lost temper and destroyed things. Miaomiao listened to me carefully and accepted my apologize and words. Then i took her to our big bed as she said that she wanted to sleep on our big bed even if there were mosquitoes. I turned off the light and Miaomiao felt asleep beside me quickly.

She was still very stick to me. She got angry just because she thought i had deceived her and didn’t sleep with her at night. I felt a bit ashamed for that.

When we start to sleep tonight, i ask her where she wants to sleep. “Big bed!” She answers immediately. “But after your sister or brother is born, what should we do if the big bed is not big enough for us all?” I ask. “Then i will sleep on my little bed everyday.” She answers. I was a bit moved by her words and decided not to worry about too much at present.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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