Birthday Party In Kindergarten

Today is the last day of this term for Miaomiao in the kindergarten. As it will be Miaomiao’s four years old birthday next Wednesday, we tell her teachers to hold a small birthday party for her in advance in order to let her enjoy her birthday with her classmates and teachers in the kindergarten. Of cause we also prepared some small cakes and story books as gifts for her classmates.

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Last Painting Interest Class Of This Term

I go to fetch Miaomiao outside the painting interest classroom at about a quarter to six o’clock in the afternoon, which is a bit earlier than usual. As it’s the last painting interest class this term, the two teachers invite our parents to go to the classroom and sit beside our kids. Most of the kids has already finished their painting of today. But Miaomiao is still coloring her picture when i come in and sit beside her. She is coloring sevral pencils. She colors the pencils on her picture very slow. Though her picture is still unfinished, it is already very nice in my eyes.

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Angry In The Midnight

Miaomiao started to sleep on her little bed last month. She was glad to sleep there at the beginning and we were also agreed to let her to sleep on our big bed after sevral nights on the little bed if she wanted. But she was gradually not willing to sleep on her little bed and couldn’t fall asleep easily there. She started to sleep sevral nights on our big bed and one night on her little bed. I still had to sleep with her on her little bed till she fell asleep and then went to the big bed even in this way.

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