Start To Sleep By Herself On Her Own Little Bed

Miaomiao is nearly four years old at present. She always sleeps with us on our bed at night since she was born. As our second child will be born in less than two months, we think it’s time for Miaomiao to sleep on her own from now on.

Actually Sam has bought Miaomiao’s small bed and put it beside our bed two months ago. But for some reason we delayed the time to let Miaomiao sleep by herself day by day. As the weather became hotter and hotter these days, i chose a pink mosquito net for Miaomiao’s small bed. Sam and i prepared the quilt and made everything ready last sunday. We praised her bed and asked Miaomiao if her bed looked like a princess’s tent. She was glad and said yes. We asked her if she wanted to sleep by herself on her own bed, she also said yes.

So Miaomiao started to sleep on her own bed last sunday night. As usual, i helped her take a bath and then took her to bed to read sevral books for her. Often we read books on our large bed, but we changed the place to Miaomiao’s small bed this time. After that i took her to the toilet to pee and then took her back to her bed to sleep. Miaomiao felt excited and lied on her bed playing her magic square. I changed a small light for her and lied on my bed. After a little while, i got up and found Miaomiao has fallen asleep. In the middle night, i heard Miaomiao called on her bed. I responded immediately and asked her if she wanted to pee. She answered yes so i took her to the toilet and then back to her bed. As she didn’t feel comfortable on her nose, i lied a little while on her bed with her and then returned to our bed. Miaomiao continued to sleep till morning. She waked up early in the morning and told me that she wanted to get up. It was still seven to ten in the morning. I went to her bed and asked her if she slept well at night. She smiled and said yes. I also asked her if she still wanted to sleep on her bed at night. She also smiled and said yes. I’m very glad for her progress.

So last night, Miaomiao still slept on her own bed. After Sam read a book for her, i took her to pee and then took her back to her bed. She changed another side to sleep which was much closer to us. I still lied on my bed while she tried to sleep by her herself. She lied on her bed and rolled back and forth. “I can’t sleep.” She told me after a while. “Try to count sheep.” I gave her my advice. She continued to play on her bed and fallen asleep after a while. She still called me at night and i always tried to answer her immediately.

She wakes up at about a quarter past seven this morning. She still looks happy and tells me that she slept well last night.

From the two nights we find Miaomiao adapts well to sleep on her own bed. Maybe sometimes it’s our parents don’t want to be separated with our children, rather than the children can’t become independent.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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