The First Lesson In Painting Class

Miaomiao told me that she wanted to attend the painting class when i picked her up last thursday afternoon. I knew she meant one of the interest classes in the kindergarten after school as her teacher had mentioned it to all the parents earlier.

Sam and i didn’t plan to let her attend interest class so early and hoped can enjoy more leisure time in her childhood. For this reason, i had not told her about the interest classes before. So she must knew the painting class from her teacher. I try to let her give up this idea. So i asked her, “Why do you want to attend the painting class? Do you like painting?” “Yes, i like painting. I want to attend the painting class.” She answered. “If you join the painting class, you have to study painting after school. Is that ok?” “It’s ok.” “Then you have to leave the kindergarten later than other kids and go home late.” “I want to go home late.” “Then you have to learn painting while your classmates are playing outside.” “It’s ok.” “Ok, if you still want to attend the painting class, tell your dad after you come home. And i’ll not oppose it if he agrees.” 

Actually speaking, i was a bit surprised for her insisting on it. So i thought maybe she can join the painting class if she really wanted to. I exchanged my opinion with Sam and he also agreed with me. So when Miaomiao told her father that she wanted to join the painting class at night, her father agreed immediately and asked me to learn more details about this class from her teacher later. 

So the next day – last friday, i entered for the painting class for her. I told her at night that she couldn’t quit the painting class this term as i have paid the fees. She agreed.

There are two painting classes each week – tuesday afternoon and thursday afternoon. Each class starts from 17:00pm. and ends at 18:00 pm. And the first painting class began in this thursday afternoon. I felt a bit worried before the first class this week because i have learned from her teacher that Miaomiao was the only kid that joined the painting class in her class. And, we didn’t know the painting class teachers at all. 

And yesterday is thursday. As Miaomiao’s teacher had asked me to pick her up at 18:00 pm. in the afternoon, i had to view her classroom online video at home at about half past four – the ordinary pickup time. Also i asked her teacher to comfort Miaomiao and take her to the painting classroom after school. I was worried that she might feel lonely when other kids were picked up by their guardians. Her teacher told me that there were another two kids would go to the painting classroom with her to have a trial of the painting class, which made me feel a bit better. From the video, i found Miaomiao was playing toys with her classmates. Then the kids left the classroom one after another. At last only Miaomiao and another two little boys were still playing the toys. Her teachers were tidying up the classroom. One of her teachers took Miaomiao and the two boys out of the classroom later at about ten to five. I guessed she had went to the painting classroom and i couldn’t view the video in the painting classroom. 

I went to the kindergarten to pick her up at about six o’clock in the afternoon. There were still many other parents or grandparents waiting beside the window of the painting classroom. I found Miaomiao sitting beside many other kids, holding a picture in her hands, just like other kids. “Mommy, mommy, see my picture.” She called me and showed me her picture when she saw me from the window. I also smiled to her and let her knew that i have seen her. 

After i picked her up from the painting teacher, i viewed her picture – a ladybug. I asked her that if she drew it by herself. She told me that the teacher teached her to draw. “Is it interesting in the painting class?” I asked her again. “yes.” She answered. “Do you like the painting class?” “yes.” “Do you want to attend the painting class again next week?” “Yes. I still want to draw a ladder after arriving home and put some golden powder for it. Mom, can you draw a ladder?” She asked me suddenly. “Oh, yes.” i replied. 

We found out some blank papers and she was eager to draw a ladder and color it. She also asked me and Sam to draw ladders and then she painted them with golden powder.

We were glad for her attitude towards the painting class after the first class. Maybe if you loves something, many problems wouldn’t be problems. Hope she can love painting for a long time.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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