The First Week To Come Back To Kindergarten

After nearly a month’s winter holiday, Miaomiao went back to the kindergarten last week.

At first i was worried about that she might cry while she went to the kindergarten in the new term. But she didn’t cry at all when i took her to the kindergarten last monday- the first day the kindergarten began. Actually she didn’t want to go to the classroom with her teacher and stood behind me at the gate of the kindergarten at the beginning, but she agreed and went with her teacher after both her teacher and my persuasion. She was glad to see me when i picked her up in the afternoon. But she told me that she didn’t feel very well today in the kindergarten. I asked her why. She smiled and told me that it was a secret. I asked her if it because one of her kindergarten teachers didn’t come today. She said yes and asked me why that teacher didn’t come. I told her that her teacher had asked a day or sevral days off for some reason and would be back soon.

The next day when i took her to the kindergarten in the morning, she started to cry while the kindergarten staff wanted to have a simple daily body check for her. The staff told Miaomiao that her teacher who was off yesterday had came back and asked her not to cry. But Miaomiao didn’t listen. When we met one of her teachers later at the kindergarten gate, she told me that Miaomiao had cried for a little while in the kindergarten yesterday. I didn’t know that. I just had to comfort Miaomiao at present. Miaomiao stopped crying after a while and at last went to the classroom with one of her classmates. When her father Sam picked her up in the afternoon, she was happy. She gave me a candy when she saw and said that it was given by her teacher for mom. I asked her if she felt better in the kindergarten today, she answered yes. She also told me that she wanted to go to the kindergarten earlier in the morning next day, as she didn’t have enough time to eat her breakfast if she arrived late.

So i took her to the kindergarten earlier the next day – wednesdy. And this time she was very glad to go to the classroom with her teacher and classmates. I also viewed from her classroom online video and found she was happy and active in the kindergarten most of the time this day.

And the rest two days of this week she still performed well and never cried again, which made me very glad for her. But, i also had a little sense of loss on the other hand. She was gradually not stick to me as before and would become more and more independent in the future.

After two days rest in the weekend, Miaomiao goes to the kindergarten in the morning as usual today. Though she is still a bit unwilling to go to her classroom with her teacher, she doesn’t cry and performs well after she goes to her classroom with her classmates. I believe she can perform better in the future and loves her kindergarten soon.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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