Flea Market In The Kindergarten

At about one week ago, we were informed by Miaomiao’s teacher that the kindergarten would hold the flea market next friday and each kid should prepare some toys or books to sell with the help of his/her parents.

So, Under Miaomiao’s permission, we picked some of her books and toys. I also made some handmade flowers and a billboard for this activity. Sam prepared some balloons as presents for the buyers.

And today is friday. As i have told Miaomiao that i need to fetch the things for the flea market when she has breakfast in the kindergarten, she is glad to go to the kindergarten before half past eight in the morning with me. I leave the kindergarten when she goes to her classroom with her classmates and teachers. Then i buy some breakfast outside and then return home.

After breakfast, Sam helps me to take the books, toys, balloons, small table, and chairs to the kindergarten. There are already many people in the kindergarten yard. Many parents have already well prepared their booths beside the road. And many kids have already came out of the kindergarten with their teachers. Sam and i walk towards the kindergarten and soon find Miaomiao’s class area as sevral parents of Miaomiao’s classmates have already well prepared their booths here. I choose a spare space near another parents and then i find Miaomiao’s teacher is coming out of the kindergarten with her students. I find Miaomiao immediately. As the kids are going to visit the flea market with their teacher first, so Sam and i start to prepare our booth. When Miaomiao’s teacher asks her students to go to their parents and Miaomiao comes to us, our booth have already finished.

Miaomiao sits with me for a little while and then goes to visit others’ booth with Sam. During this period, a little boy and his mom come in front of our booth. This boy chooses two puzzles and then his mom buys them for him. When Miaomiao and Sam come back later, they both feel curious when i tell them this deal. Then Sam leave and go to his company to work. Miaomiao stays with me and watches our booth. One of Miaomiao’s teachers come to our booth soon, she looks at our booth for a while and asks Miaomiao how much is her toy owl. Miaomiao is shy and doesn’t answer. She just smiles to her teacher. Then her teacher leaves. Miaomiao’s foreign teacher comes later and also wants that toy owl. I tell him the price and then he buys it. Miaomiao is watching beside and i let her give changes to her foreign teacher during this period.

Next Miaomiao gradually becomes a bit more daring. She calls others to buy sometimes, and she also goes to the flea market with me to choose the things she wants sometimes, though she is still a bit shy sometimes. When i tell her to exchange some story books with her classmates beside, she still asks me to go with her and then she chooses the books.

When the broadcast in the kindergarten calls the kids to go back to the classrooms with their teachers, we have already sold more than half of our ‘goods’, and also have already bought or exchanged many things she wants. I ask Miaomiao to take our handmade flowers to her teacher and then goes to the classroom with the teacher. She agrees and takes the flowers to her teacher soon, as she knows that mom will pick her up in the afternoon. She doesn’t cry like some of her classmates, which makes me feel easy and proud. She has made progress.

I take our belongings back to our home then. This flea market in the kindergarten is over. It’s funny and can exercise our kids in some ways. It seems the kindergarten holds the flea market every year, so what will Miaomiao do next year? I am looking forward to it.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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