Thanksgiving Day In Kindergarten

This thursday was the Thanksgiving Day. But the kindergarten in our community invites our parents to participate in the activities of the Thanksgiving Day with our kids on friday. All the kids were informed in advance in the kindergarten by their teachers, including Miaomiao.

Today is friday. The kindergarten asks us to take our kids to the kindergarten to have breakfast before half past eight in the morning as usual. And then each parent returns to the kindergarten at nine o’clock with a taboret.

As i expected, it’s really not a happy morning today, as Miaomiao cries and requires me to go to her classroom with her when i take her to the kindergarten at about a quarter past eight. Of course her requirement is not allowed. So she is taken to her classroom by her teacher at the gate of the kindergarten at last, though she is still crying at that time.

I leave the kindergarten and go to have breakfast myself. When i return to the kindergarten at about nine o’clock, i find there are already many parents standing at the door of the classrooms. I walk to Miaomiao’s classroom, and go to the classroom with other parents after signing on a paper as required.

Miaomiao and her classmates are sitting on a line when we enter into the classroom. Her teachers ask us to take our taboret to sit behind our kids. So i walk toward Miaomiao and sit behind her. Other parents do the same. Miaomiao is very glad to see me and often turn behind to smile to me. One of her teachers starts the class soon. This is a foreign teacher and teaches the kids english. He asks the kids to follow him to read, to jump, to tiptoe, to walk, and to run. He also let the kids to watch and learn from the teaching video. And sometime he asks questions or asks some kids to do some actions in front of us. Most of the kids are very active on his class, except Miaomiao. She doesn’t read or jump, and she even refuses to stand with her classmates while other kids are jumping in front of us. Both me and her teachers ask her to join them, but she totally doesn’t listen.

After the english class, it’s the rest time. The kids go to the toilet on a line one by one. Then the teachers ask them to drink water. Each kid goes to fetch a cup of water and then drinks water on the seat. Miaomiao looks at me and drinks her water on her seat too. She soon drinks off her water and puts her cup on the desk in front of the classroom and then comes back to her seat.

Next one of her teachers asks all her students to sing a song for moms. Most of the kids start to sing the song. Miaomiao still refuses to sing with her classmates. This teacher read a story book ‘My Mom’ to all of us after the song. She also asks many related questions to all the kids afterwards. Sevral kids likes to raise their hands to answer the questions. But Miaomiao still sits quietly and just listens.

Next time it’s the rest time for the kids again. When all the kids return to their seats, a teacher says that she thinks a game for the kids. She puts many photoes on the floor and asks the kids to find their moms. Those photoes were given to the teacher by us as required sevral days ago. She asks sevral kids to find their moms’ photoes first, and then asks other sevral kids, and then other. She likes to ask those kids who behave active and raise their hands. As Miaomiao doesn’t raise her hands at first, so she is not called by her teacher at the first time. She looks at other kids picking their moms’ photoes and tells me that she also wants to go. I tell her to raise her hands next time. So when the first batch of kids return to their seats and her teacher asks who wants to pick photoes again, Miaomiao raise her hands with many other kids and says she wants to. So her teacher lets her to pick photoes with some other kids this time. She walks to the front and finds my photo soon. She picks up my photo and comes to me quickly with smile. She shows the photo to me and i find it’s the photo i gave to her teacher before. I praise her and ask her to sit on her seat well. When all the kids pick up their moms’ photoes, one of the teachers asks all the kids go to the front with their photoes. During this time, another teacher gives each parent a red heart-shaped paper. When all the kids are standing well in the front, the teacher in the front asks all the parents go to the front to stand beside our kids. She teaches the kids to say the thank words to us and then lets us to stick the red heart-shaped paper to our kids’ clothes as rewards.This game ends with a parent-child dance together with a mom’s song.

After that, it’s the rest time again. The kids drink some water, eat some pitaya, and then go to the toilet again. A teacher asks all the kids to stand one after another and go upstairs to their playground on the roof after the rest. Another teacher asks our parents to go upstairs later after all the kids arrive at the roof. When i go to the roof with other parents later, i find there are many kids here with their teachers. We find our kids and their teachers in a corner of the roof. Miaomiao is crying when i arrive. But she stops crying when she sees me. One of their teachers teaches them to dance with music. Most of the kids dance but Miaomiao doesn’t. One of her teachers say to her “Dance Miaomiao, you danced well before. Now you can dance to your mom.” But Miaomiao still doesn’t dance. Her teacher dances sevral songs, but Miaomiao always stands still at the end of the class. After the dance, the teachers ask us to play games with our kids. Miaomiao tries once, and then always stands beside me. She watches other kids crawl or run, but she refuses to play again whenever i ask her to. I don’t want to blame her on this occasion as i know she would cry then.

We return to her classroom after the parent-child games are over. The kids go to the toilet and then come back to the classroom to drink some water. Then it’s the parent-child handmade class. The teachers teach us how to make a pot of flowers with a nonwoven material package and then give every family a package. She asks us to make a pot of flowers with our kids. Miaomiao sits beside me and is very glad to give me some materials when i need. We finish most parts of the flowers at the end of the class. And the teachers say these flowers are for us from our kids and ask us to take them home.

Next it’s the meals time for the kids. The teachers tell us that we can pick up our kids home after they finish their lunches. So i wait outside of their classroom and watch Miaomiao eating from the window. Many other kids cry and want their parents to stay with them in the classroom during this time. But Miaomiao doesn’t cry and eats her lunch well by herselfon her seat.

I pick her up later and we go home together. Miaomiao continues to finish the pot of flowers with me after we arrive home. She seems to be interested in doing handmade things with me.

Generally speaking, Miaomiao doesn’t performwell this forenoon. But she has already made some progress compared to the sports meeting last time, though she is still not active in class activities. But every kid has her own personality, i should not blame her for this. I just wonder why she performed well on the class everyday(from the classroom online video) but doesn’t want to perform when i stay there with her?


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Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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