Morning Alarm Music

“a-b-c-d-e-f-g, h-i-j-k-l-m-n……” The alarm music rings in the morning at about a quarter past seven as usual. “Mom, pull me to get up.” Miaomiao opens her eyes and says to me. “You can lie on bed for a bit longer, baby.” I tell her. Then when the alarm music rings again, i dress her up.

I have changed my alarm music yesterday morning and i found Miaomiao performed well when she was woke up by the new alarm music in the morning. The original alarm music was the ‘school song’. Miaomiao often cried when she heard the song in the morning and refused to go to the kindergarten. And the new alarm music was the ‘alphabet song’. From her behaviours of these two mornings, Miaomiao didn’t resist this song and could get up soon when she heard the alarm music.

Actually i have changed the alarm music sevral times since she went to the kindergarten. And when i found she was scared or cried, or some music could no longer wake her up, i would change the alarm music. And now, it seems the ‘alphabet song’ works well at present.

Maybe the alarm music is not the key factor that decide whether she cries or not in the morning, but i believe it can more or less effect her mood every morning.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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