A Little Disappointed Sports Meeting

The kindergarten held a sports meeting last saturday afternoon. Miaomiao’s teachers informed all the parents to take our kids to the desired stadium which was not far from our community before half past two o’clock in the afternoon. All the kids were desired to wear kindergarten uniforms.

So after lunch and a short break on saturday, Sam and i took Miaomiao to the stadium. We met one of Miaomiao’s classmates Dudu with his dad in the elevator. Miaomiao was glad to see Dudu and then we walked together with Dudu towards the stadium. There were many kids in kindergarten uniforms walking on the way together with their parents. They were all the kindergarten’s students and went to participate in the sports meeting. We walked toward the stadium with those people. Miaomiao liked to run with Dudu on the way and looked very happy.

We arrived at the stadiumat about half past two and then quickly found Miaomiao’s teachers and classmates among the crowd. One of the teachers was calling the roll when we arrived. As the sports meeting was nearly to start, the teacher asked her students to go to the toilet if needed after that. So i took Miaomiao to the toilet with others. When we returned from the toilet, the teachers asked all her students to stand together by order and planned to walk to the middle of the stadium. So Sam and i asked Miaomiao to stand with her classmates. But Miaomiao held our hands tightly and didn’t want to go together with her classmates. We felt worried and tried to persuade her to stand in the ranks. But Miaomiao cried and said she didn’t want to stand with her classmates. Her teachers also came to ask Miaomiao to join in at this time. But Miaomiao cried louder and seemed scared by her teachers. Sam held her and talked to her for a while but was still failed to persuade her to stand with her classmates. She cried all the time and insisted staying with us. We had no idea but standing beside to watch her classmates walking towards the middle of the stadium with their teachers. Miaomiao’s class was the first one to stand in the middle of the stadium, and then other classes one by one. We asked Miaomiao to stand with her classmates again and again during this period but were refused by her. We felt angry and couldn’t help losing temper and shouting to her. Miaomiao cried and said she was afraid. She wanted to stay with us all the time. She even asked me to go to her class and stand there with her. She said that she didn’t want to stand alone with her classmates. But the parents were not allowed to stand with the kids at this time. So i asked her to leave if she didn’t want to participate in the sports meeting. But she didn’t want to leave the stadium even if she didn’t stand with her classmates. She just played sands on the ground by herself or watched her classmates. She cried and insisted to stay here whenever i asked her to leave with me.

All the kids started to dance with a teacher after all the classes were standing in the middle of the stadium. Then they played games with their parents. Sam took Miaomiao to stay at the end of her class and then they two played together with other families. Miaomiao was happy at this time because Sam stayed and played games with her. When the family games over, the teachers asked all the kids to stand together without their parents and planned to play other games. Miaomiao refused to join them and cried again when we asked her to stand in her class. We felt a bit disappointed especially when we found other kids were playing happily together. At last i took her home in advance before the sports meeting was over, though she didn’t want to leave and cried along the way. Sam stayed in the stadium longer and came home later.

It was the first sports meeting for Miaomiao and we all felt a bit disappointed for her performance. She was too stick to us at that occasion. But on the other hand, i also felt a bit regret for my attitude towards Miaomiao on the stadium. She was afraid and was unwilling to leave us. We shouted to her and asked her to join her classmates again and again. I took her home without holding her on the way even if she cried all the time along the way. Sam told me that all the kids were taken photoes together with their teachers and each kid was given a lollipop as reward by the teachers after we left.

If we had more patience and didn’t shout to her, if we stood and watched the whole sports meeting with her, and if we encouraged her gradually, would she feel better and joined in her class at last? I didn’t know.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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