Happy Halloween

The Halloween is coming! The kindergarten in our community holds mask activities and games of Halloween today. All the kids and teachers wears multiple costumes and plays Halloween games such as trick or treat in the kindergarten. And the kindergarten is also well decorated for Halloween this day.

I have prepared the dress of princess Elsa (movie ‘FROZEN’) for Miaomiao sevral days ago. And after Miaomiao gets up this morning, i put on the dress as well as the cloak for her. She says the dress and the cloak are pretty and likes them very much. But when i take her to the kindergarten, she says that she is scared when she sees the decorated pumpkins and mask figures. All the teachers in multiple halloween costumes are welcoming kids at the gate of the kindergarten. “Good morning! Your dress is so pretty today.” The kindergarten leader says to Miaomiao with smile. As Miaomiao is nearly to cry when we enter into the kindergarten, i smile to the kindergarten leader and then take Miaomiao to her classroom on the second floor. We meet Miaomiao’s teachers at the door of the classroom. One teacher dresses in maid, another teacher wears a japanese dress. They both look pretty. I say hello to the teachers and then ask Miaomiao to put her schoolbag in the cabinet beside the classroom. Miaomiao cries and asks me to put the schoolbag together with her. She says that she is scared and doesn’t want me to go. At last one of her teachers holds her and then i leave. I can hear her cry when i get downstairs.

Miaomiao feels better and doesn’t cry when i watch her classroom online video on my phone after i come back home. All the kids wear different costumes in the class. They eat breakfast, sit, play, or listen to the teachers. They leave their classroom at about half past ten in the morning. I know they go to join the halloween activities and games in other place of the kindergarten with other kids in different class. There are two kids’ moms in Miaomiao’s class go to the kindergarten to assist the teachers to take care of the kids today. The two moms often share some photoes of the kids in our QQ group. So we can also see what they do when they go out of their classroom. Very interesting. All the kids eat buffet lunch in the kindergarten today. They go to sleep on their small beds in the kindergarten as usual after lunch. As there is no activities in the afternoon, the teachers ask us to pick up the kids at three o’clock in the afternoon, which is much earlier than usual.

Miaomiao is happy to see me when i pick her up at the door of her classroom. She is still in her pretty princess dress. I hold her and find a candy in her hand. Her teacher says that she gives the candy to Miaomiao. She also gives a little stamp to Miaomiao as little present, which is liked very much by Miaomiao.

I ask Miaomiao if it’s interesting in the kindergarten today on our way home. She says yes. She also tells me that she has eaten some soft candies in the kindergarten today. I think she has forgotten who cries and feels afraid in the kindergarten in the morning today.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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