Travel In ShangHai

I take two big candies with us when i take Miaomiao to the kindergarten this morning. Miaomiao doesn’t cry at all but requires me to take her to her classroom as usual. I give these two candies to one of Miaomiao’s teachers when i meet her on the stairs. “Thank you for your candies. Where did you play?” She asks me. “ShangHai” I reply.

Sam and i took Miaomiao to ShangHai by train last thursday night. It was the first time for Miaomiao to sleep on the sleeping berth with us. She was excited and curious when we got on the train. Sam bought a middle and a lower berth. Miaomiao and i slept on the middle berth while Sam slept on the lower berth at night. Miaomiao looked, touched, and played on the bed for a long while before sleep. It was a bit crowd to sleep with Miaomiao on the middle berth. But we slept well.

We arrived at ShangHai at about ten past eight in the morning. Sam had already booked a room in a hotel near the LongYang subway entrance. We ate our breakfast in a nearby KFC restaurant after got off the train and then took the subway to the hotel.

It was nearly noon when we arrived at the hotel. We put our luggages in our room and went out to have lunch after a short break. There were many restaurants and shops near the hotel. We ate some noodles, pan-fried buns in a restaurant and bought some desserts to the hotel. Miaomiao enjoyed the desserts and then slept with us in the hotel. We went to the pedestrian street of Nanjing road in the late afternoon. This pedestrian street was pretty and busy, and there were many people here shopping or walking. We got on a sight-seeing car and enjoyed the prosperous street for a while. Then Sam took us to meet some of his old e-pals in a restaurant beside the pedestrian street. We received warm reception by Sam’s e-pals. They invited me to enjoy multiple ShangHai food in the restaurant. Two e-pals also took their kids here. Miaomiao liked to play with the little girl who was one year older than her. The little girl’s parents drove us to the Bund after supper. The night view in the Bund of ShangHai was really beautiful. Miaomiao and another little girl ran and jumped on the road happily. We enjoyed a wonderful time here. Sam’s e-pal drove us back to the hotel at about ten o’clock at night.

After a whole night’s sleep´╝îwe took the subway to the Disney Resort in the saturday morning. We arrived at the gate of Disney Resort at about ten o’clock. And there were already many people here. As we had bought the tickets online earlier, we waited in line for a while and then entered into the DisneyLand.

DisneyLand was a fantastic place for both kids and adults. There were many recreation facilities, cartoon buildings, and cartoon figures here. It seemed like that you entered into a cartoon world when you came here.

Miaomiao didn’t want to walk by herself and didn’t happy at the beginning. But after we played two items here, she gradually became happy. She felt excited and agreed to walk by herself when we bought two lollies shaped like Mickey mouse for her in a shop. We had lunch in a restaurant and continued to play in the Disney Resort. As there were many people lined up to play or watch performances, we only played sevral items which were suitable for Miaomiao. The most thrilling item we played here was the seven dwarfs mine. Miaomiao felt a bit scared while sitting on the roller coaster. And Miaomiao’s most favorite item was the
Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Miaomiao fell asleep when we waited in line for Honey Pot Spin. She slept for about an hour and waked up when we watched the lit castle fireworks. We said goodbye to the DisneyLand and took the subway to the hotel after the castle fireworks.

Then it was sunday. Sam took us to the Town God’s Temple to taste the local snacks in ShangHai after got up. There were also many small shops selling handicrafts here. Many people walking or shopping in the street. We bought some small things and snacks after breakfast. Then we went back to the hotel to tidy up our luggages. After that, we had lunch in a nearby restaurant and took our luggages to the railway station. Our travel in ShangHai came to an end.

We took the high-speed rail to Wuhan in the afternoon. Miaomiao fell asleep on the rail in the late afternoon. It took us about five and half hours from ShangHai to Wuhan on the high-speed rail. So it was already very late at night when we arrived at our home in Wuhan.

Travel can broaden our horizons and makes us happy. Hope Miaomiao can grow braver from this travel. I hope we can have more travels in the future if time and money allowed.


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Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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