Happy Halloween

The Halloween is coming! The kindergarten in our community holds mask activities and games of Halloween today. All the kids and teachers wears multiple costumes and plays Halloween games such as trick or treat in the kindergarten. And the kindergarten is also well decorated for Halloween this day.
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Go To The Kindergarten

Miaomiao wakes up at about half past seven this morning and goes to the kindergarten at five past eight with me as usual. We meet one of her teachers at the gate of the kindergarten. This teacher gives Miaomiao’s pick up card to me and then asks Miaomiao to go to their classroom on the second floor with her. Beside her there is a little boy who also Miaomiao’s classmate plans to go upstairs with her. Seeing this, i ask Miaomiao to go to her classroom with her teacher too and i leave. But Miaomiao cries and insists to go upstairs with me. So i have to take her to her classroom and then leave. Continue reading Go To The Kindergarten

Travel In ShangHai

I take two big candies with us when i take Miaomiao to the kindergarten this morning. Miaomiao doesn’t cry at all but requires me to take her to her classroom as usual. I give these two candies to one of Miaomiao’s teachers when i meet her on the stairs. “Thank you for your candies. Where did you play?” She asks me. “ShangHai” I reply.
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