Uncomfortable On The Eyes

Miaomiao didn’t feel comfortable on her eyes this week. The skin around her eyes turned a bit red and we can always found gum in her eyes these days.

At first i thought it maybe because she cried every morning this week when i took her to the kindergarten that caused her eyes red. But when her teacher also told me that Miaomiao’s eyes became unnormal and generated gum the whole day when i picked her up the day before yesterday, i thought i need to take her to see the doctor. So i asked a day’s off for Miaomiao in the kindergarten and decided to take her to see the doctor.

Before we took her to the hospital, she got a fever at night the day before yesterday. We fed her some medicine and put a fever cooling patch on her forehead for a whole night. She turned better in the morning of yesterday and the fever has gone.

Sam drove Miaomiao and i to the hospital then. At first i took her to the department of paediatric but the working staff told us that we need go to the department of ophthalmology. So Sam and i took Miaomiao to that department. There were already sevral people waiting in the department of ophthalmology in the hospital. We waited for a while and then it was our’s turn. A doctor checked Miaomiao’s eyes and told us that Miaomiao has got conjunctivitis. She prescribed two kinds of eyedrops for Miaomiao and then we took Miaomiao away after bought these two eyedrops. As it was already very late in the noon, we had lunch in a restaurant outside and then went home.

Miaomiao didn’t like us to put eyedrops in her eyes. She closed her eyes tightly whenever we dropped eyedrops in her eyes. So it was really hard for us to help her take eyedrops. We slept two hours together after came home. Miaomiao wanted to go to play in the kindergarten yard after the rest. As it was time for parents to pick the kids in the kindergarten at that time, so Sam and i took her to play in the kindergarten yard. She played with another two little girls as well as her classmates for about an hour and then came home.

Though she seemed like to play in the kindergarten, she still cries this morning when i take her to the kindergarten. I give her medicine to her teacher and leave the kindergarten. She cries and doesn’t want me to go. But she feels better and doesn’t cry anymore when i watch her from her classroom online video.

She still doesn’t like to take eyedrops, so i listen to her and don’t take her eyedrops to the kindergarten. Sam helps her put the eyedrops in the morning. And i put eyedrops for her when i pick her up in the afternoon.

Besides conjunctivitis in the eyes, Miaomiao also has got a runny nose and a cough these days. Hope she can feel better soon and doesn’t cry every morning to the kindergarten. It’s also tough time for me.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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