Her Classmate Comes To Play

Sam and i take Miaomiao to the kindergarten at about eight o’clock in the morning as usual. I exchange Miaomiao’s situation about afternoon nap with her teacher for a while when we meet her in the kindergarten. Her teacher promises us that they wouldn’t force Miaomiao to sleep after lunch and will fetch her toy caterpillar from her schoolbag for her if needed.

I watch from their classroom online video at about twelve o’clock and find Miaomiao goes to lie on her bed as other kids after lunch and a short break. She puts her hands up and then puts them aside. She seems a bit boring and can’t sleep. I remind her teacher to ask her if she needs her toy caterpillar from QQ after seeing this. Then i see her teacher goes to ask her something but it looks she refuses. She continues to play her hands for a while and finally falls asleep.

I pick her up in the kindergarten at about a quarter to five in the afternoon as usual. She is happy to see me and goes home with me after playing in the kindergarten yard for a bit longer. She meets two of her classmates on the way and then runs to play with them. They run to the lakeside garden in our community and play there for about half an hour. I invite her classmates to see the turtle and parrots in our home. The little girl and her mom agree and go to our home with us while another little boy goes back to his home with his grandma then.

This little girl named ZhiXuan is Miaomiao’s classmate. It’s the first time Miaomiao’s classmate comes to our home. ZhiXuan takes off her shoes after she arrives our home. Miaomiao follows to take off her shoes and runs on the ground without shoes. ZhiXuan is curious about Miaomiao’s hair accessories and toys and wants to take some but is prevented by her mom. They feed the turtle and parrots together or play Miaomiao’s toys. ZhiXuan is a bit selfish and doesn’t want Miaomiao to touch the toys she is playing with sometimes. She pushes Miaomiao sevral times and is blamed by her mom. She eats some cookies and fried chicken and doesn’t want to go back to her own home till it’s late. She lies on the ground whenever her mom asks her to go home. Miaomiao also lies on the ground when she sees ZhiXuan lying. ZhiXuan cries and loses her temper to throw Miaomiao’s shoes and hair accessories before she leaves with her mom. That’s because she doesn’t want to leave and wants to take away Miaomiao’s hair bands but her mom doesn’t permit.

I hope Miaomiao plays with her classmates longer in order to make friends and not feel lonely in the kindergarten. But sometimes things are out of control. She will also learn some bad habits from her classmates. That’s really a problem.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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