Three Days Holiday

As it was Mid-Autumn Festival this thursday, both Miaomiao and Sam had three days holiday from this thursday to saturday. At first we planned to take Miaomiao to ShangHai Disneyland to play during this vacation. But after we knew the rainy weather in ShangHai of this three days from the weather forecast, we gave up this idea and decided to go back to see Miaomiao’s grandparents in SuiZhou.

Miaomiao woke up at about eight o’clock on thursday morning. “Miaomiao, get up and let’s go to the kindergarten.” I pretended to tell her like this. “No, i don’t want to get up and i don’t want to go to the kindergarten.” She lied on bed and said. “Ok, we don’t go to the kindergarten today. Get up and let’s go back to SuiZhou to see your grandparents.” I told her the trust this time. She got up immediately after hearing this and was eager to change her clothes which made us laugh.

We left home at about a quarter past nine in the morning. Sam drove his car to take us to SuiZhou. Because of the traffic jam on the way, our car stopped continuously which made Miaomiao felt uneasy and cried sevral times on the way. She cried and wanted to get off the car to walk to SuiZhou or walk back to our WuHan’s home. We stopped twice on the way and took her off the car to have a rest. She felt better after our car got on the expressway. And then she started to talk to Sam and jumped on the car till we arrived at SuiZhou. We had our lunch in a western restaurant and then went back to Miaomiao’s grandparents’ home. Sam drove us to my younger brother’s girlfriend’s home to have supper after our afternoon nap. Both Sam’s parents and my parents played and ate here for a whole day. Miaomiao was very glad to see her grandparents. She also called my parents and my younger brother under our encouragement.

The next day was friday. Miaomiao went out to the nearby Shennong park with her grandparents after breakfast. She played in the Children’s Playground in the park and also painted a picture in a shop. Maybe because she played happy and tired for a whole forenoon, she slept a whole afternoon with me after lunch this day. She continued to play with her grandparents after supper in the RT-Market nearby and came back home late at night.

Then it’s saturday today. As Miaomiao’s grandpa goes fishing with his friends this morning, Miaomiao’s grandma and us go out to have breakfast together. We take Miaomiao to the SuiZhou Cultural Park to have fun after breakfast. Miaomiao runs and plays with Sam and other kids here. All of us enjoy a happy time in the park, though it’s hot in the forenoon.

Sam drives us back to WuHan after lunch. He also picks up one of his friend’s family on the way to go to WuHan together. His friend and his friend’s wife have a little boy who is about one year older than Miaomiao. Miaomiao watches the little boy on the way and likes to follow and repeat his words sometimes. She also has a short nap in my arms during this period. But she eats snacks most of the time in the car because she doesn’t eat rice but only eats steamed shrimps for lunch this noon.

Sam takes his friend family to their home first after arriving in WuHan in the afternoon. After that we go home to put our luggages and then go out to the nearby SuGuo supermarket to have supper and go shopping. Sam buy sevral sand paintings for Miaomiao and she plays them with Sam happily after we come back home at night.

The three days holiday has come to an end. Miaomiao will go to the kindergarten tomorrow. Hope she wouldn’t cry then.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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