Travel In ChangSha

Sam’s department organized to travel in ChangSha from this friday afternoon to sunday. Sam also wanted to take Miaomiao and i to travel together there.

So i told Miaomiao’s teacher this situation and asked for half day’s leave in friday afternoon for Miaomiao when i picked her up in thursday afternoon. Sam and i also told Miaomiao this news and told her that we would pick her up after she had lunch in the kindergarten in friday noon in order to catch the train to ChangSha in the afternoon. She agreed but said she didn’t want to go to the kindergarten in friday after a while. She cried for a whole night on thursday and said that she didn’t want to go to the kindergarten in friday. She continued to cry and was unwilling to go to the kindergarten on friday morning. We tried to persuade her and insisted to take her to the kindergarten at last. She cried immediately when saw her teacher and didn’t want to go to her classroom with her teacher. Her teacher told us that it was not proper to tell her the traveling news to her in advance. She would think about this for a whole forenoon and couldn’t play well in the kindergarten. Her teacher held her to her classroom at last though she was still crying. We left the kindergarten and found Miaomiao had stopped crying and was eating her breakfast by herself when we watched her classroom online video after we came back home.

We tidied the house and prepared the luggages for this travel in the forenoon at home. We also bought some bananas and cookies for Miaomiao’s teachers as it was the teacher’s day in saturday. We gave these little present to one of her teachers when we picked her up after lunch in noon. Miaomiao cried and held me when we got her at the gate of their kindergarten. We waved goodbye to her teacher and then took a taxi to WuHan railway station. Miaomiao asked us why we picked her up in noon today rather than picked her up in the afternoon. We explained to her and she felt curious to go to ChangSha with us.

After we arrived at the WuHan railway station, we met sevral Sam’s colleges here. One of them also took a little girl who was only two months older than Miaomiao. Miaomiao wanted to play with that girl, but this elder sister didn’t want to play with Miaomiao. She gave Miaomiao a bottle of yogurt as her mother required and then sat beside her mother. We waited in the railway station for about an hour and then the train came.

It took the train about one hour and twenty minutes from WuHan to ChangSha. Miaomiao played and felt excited on the train and didn’t sleep at all. We took the subway to live in a hotel near orange-islet after we arrived in ChangSha. After some simple wash, we had our supper with Sam’s colleagues. Miaomiao enjoyed the dishes here and ate a lot this night.

It started to rain in saturday. We had some steamed stuffed buns and porridge in the breakfast shop beside our restaurant after got up and then took a taxi to go shopping in a pedestrian street. It was not convenient to walk in the rain with Miaomiao though Miaomiao weared her raincoat. Because she didn’t want to walk by herself but wanted to be hold by us most of the time. We walked on the street for a while and then took her to a shopping mall to play. She liked to jump on a dancing machine in the amusement area in the mall. We went back and had lunch with Sam’s colleagues in a far away restaurant in noon by taxi. Then we returned to the restaurant and had a rest. Miaomiao played and ate some snacks with Sam’s colleague’s daughter for a while and then slept on bed with me. I found she had got a fever in late afternoon. Sam bought a thermometer and we found Miaomiao’s body temperature was about 38.5℃. We fed her some medicine. She seemed in good spirit. Then we took her out to have supper with Sam’s colleagues together. She didn’t eat a lot for supper. But we bought a small cake for her on our way to the restaurant and she ate up it.

After a night’s sleep, we were very glad to find her fever has gone. As it didn’t rain this sunday, we decided to climb the nearby YueLu mountain. We climbed sometimes and took a bus sometimes here. The air in this mountain was very fresh. Miaomiao walked, climbed, and ran on the road among the mountain which looked like a pretty little fairy. She asked us to hold her when she felt tired. Another little girl also asked her mother to hold her sometimes on the way.

We had our lunch after we got down from the mountain. Then we took our belongings and went to the railway station by train. We left ChangSha by train in two and twenty in the afternoon. Miaomiao still felt excited on the train and didn’t sleep this time. After we arrived WuHan railway station, we took a taxi to go home after waving goodbye to Sam’s colleagues.

Miaomiao fell into asleep after we got on the taxi and waked up till we arrived home. She was too tired. It was a happy and tired journey for all of us, though very short.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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