The Forth Day To Go To Kindergarten

It’s the forth day for Miaomiao to go to the kindergarten today. She slept late last night, and went to pee sevral times in the midnight because she drank too much water before sleep. So she can’t wake up early by herself this morning. At last her grandpa wakes her up at about ten to eight.

She seems in a bad mood after waken up by her grandpa and says that she doesn’t want to get up and doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. It takes me about ten minutes to persuade her to get up and change clothes with the help of her grandma. After some simple wash, Miaomiao’s grandparents and i take her out to the kindergarten, though she is still reluctant to go there.

She cries immediately when we arrive at the kindergarten and refuses to have a check of the body by the kindergarten working staff. We compel her cooperate with the working staff to have a body check and then take her to her classroom. It’s a bit late today and many of her classmates are already washing their hands with one of their teachers. Miaomiao cries louder when we go approach their classroom. But i still give her to one of her teachers and then leave her classroom. I believe her and her teachers.

She has already stopped crying and one teacher feeds her breakfast when we come back home and watch her from their classroom online video. She takes her toy rabbit with her everywhere for half forenoon as yesterday. And the whole day she performs well and doesn’t cry anymore. She also doesn’t wet her trousers today, which behaves better than yesterday.

Her grandparents leave and go back home in Suizhou by bus and by train after breakfast. I tell her this news after i get her in the kindergarten and explain that her grandparents also have their things to do and will come here again in the near future. She accepts this news and then leave the kindergarten with me.

After going out from the kindergarten, i take her to the nearby market to buy two fishes and two potatoes. Then she plays a electric seesaw for a while and then go home with me. She watches a cartoon and then pastes stickers in her chair beside the kitchen when i prepare our supper. She eats her supper almost by herself alone and i only feed her some fish meat when she nearly finishes her supper. Sam comes home late today. So Miaomiao and i have our supper first and Sam eats his supper alone later.

After shower and while playing toys with me on the bed, Miaomiao teaches me the song her teacher teaches them today. “Soft kitty meows.” Though she only remembers one sentence, it’s a big surprise for me. She agrees that she would learn more from her teacher tomorrow and teach me then. She also says that she won’t cry while going to the kindergarten in the morning tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to it. She really makes rapid progress everyday.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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