The Second Day Of Kindergarten

It’s the second day for Miaomiao to go to the kindergarten today. She wakes up at about half past seven in the morning. As she still doesn’t feel well on her throat, i let her drink a cup of herba houttuyniae granules water after she gets up. Then after some simple wash, Miaomiao’s grandparents and i take Miaomiao to the kindergarten.

We meet a little boy with his dad in the elevator when it pass the 8th floor. As the little boy’s schoolbag looks the same as Miaomiao’s, we say hello to them and ask the class of the little boy. Then we find he is in the same class as Miaomiao. He is Miaomiao’s classmate. Miaomiao asks her grandpa to hold her after she gets downstairs with us. Seeing this, the little boy also asks his dad to hold him.

We go to the kindergarten together and ask Miaomiao to walk by herself after entering into the kindergarten. She follows other kids to call the doorkeeper grandpa as yesterday. Sevral kindergarten working staffs are checking the body for the kids in the kindergarten. When it’s Miaomiao turn, the staff checks the body temperature for Miaomiao and checks her throat. Knowing that Miaomiao doesn’t feel well on her throat and is still drinking medicine, she gives Miaomiao a red card and asks us to give it to her teacher.

I hold Miaomiao get into the kindergarten and meet her teacher in the hall. Miaomiao cries loudly and holds me tightly when i ask her to go with her teacher. I give the red card and a pack of herba houttuyniae granules to her teacher. Her teacher holds her and takes her to their classroom. Miaomiao continues crying loudly in her teacher’s arms even if i tell her that i will take her home early this afternoon. But i still leave without delay, because i know it’s better for her. I have to believe her teacher during this important period.

After breakfast and coming back home, i watch her from the screenshots of the online video from other parents in her class and find that she stops to cry in breakfast time. And then whole day her grandparents and i watch the online videos many times and find she perfoms better today than yesterday in the kindergarten. She plays with other kids or sits at the table with other kids sometimes. She doesn’t eat her lunch by herself and at last her teacher feeds her. She sleeps in the afternoon though very late. She listens and watches her teacher with other kids sometimes. She eats noodle soup by herself with other kids in the afternoon.

When i take her home in the afternoon, she feels excited and eats the banana i bring for her happily. Her teacher says that she performs very well today because she only crys a little while in the morning but doesn’t cry in other times. Much more better than yesterday. She continues to play in the kindergarten yard with other kids after i take her from her teacher for a long time and doesn’t want to go home. At last the doorkeeper grandpa wants to lock the door of the kindergarten and then we go home.

It seems that she makes rapid progress in the kindergarten. Hope she can also perform well after the weekend while she goes to the kindergarten next week.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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