The First Day Of Kindergarten

Today is the first day of Miaomiao’s kindergarten life. As she slept late last night, it’s hard for her to get up early this morning. We wake her up at about a quarter to eight. She lies on the bed and says that she doesn’t want to get up. Sam tells her that it would be late to go to the kindergarten if she doesn’t get up immediately. But she says that she wants to be late. At last i have to hold her up and dress for her.

After some simple wash, we take her to the kindergarten with her schoolbag, two story books and a pot of green plants as her teacher says. Her grandparents, Sam and i all accompany her to the kindergarten in the first day. We remember the quilt bag is forgotten at home when we get downstairs, so Sam goes back to fetch the bag and we walk toward the kindergarten ahead.

There are many parents taking their kids to the kindergarten on the way. When we arrive at the gate of the kindergarten, we see a little boy says hello to the doorkeeper grandpa. We ask Miaomiao also to say hello to that doorkeeper grandpa, she says but with a bit stutter.

We wait a minute at the gate of the kindergarten and then go to the kindergarten together with Sam and the quilt bag. There are many kids, parents, and kindergarten working staffs in the hall of the kindergarten. We meet one of Miaomiao’s teachers here and she tells us to take Miaomiao to the classroom on the second floor. So we all go to the second floor together and send her to her classroom. There are already many kids here and some are crying for their guardians. We give Miaomiao’s quilt bag, the story books, the green plants, and one of our family photoes to the teacher. Then we ask Miaomiao to stay in the classroom and then go away. Sam stays and talks to her for a while and also leaves the classroom. He watches a while at the window and then goes away. I stand in a line downstairs in the hall in order to pay Miaomiao’s living expenses when i go out from Miaomiao’s classroom. When Sam comes downstairs, he tells me that Miaomiao performs well and plays with other kids when he leave.

Miaomiao’s grandparents and Sam leave the kindergarten then. I also leave here after i pay her living expenses. After breakfast, i get the online video adress of her classroom from the class QQ group. Then we start to watch Miaomiao’s condition in her classroom via the app in my phone.

Because the online video is small and soundless, we can only see the general condition in the classroom. It seems that Miaomiao plays well at the beginning and then she starts to cry when she sees another kid crys. A teacher holds her to coax her but it seems useless. She carrys her schoolbag after a while and pulls a teacher out of the door continuously. She crys all the time and seems anxious. The teacher coaxes her sometimes but leaves her cry alone most of the time because she is busy. Miaomiao refuses to eat her lunch sevral times and continues to pull the teacher while other kids are having lunch by themselves. At last the teacher holds her and tries to feed her for a while. When it’s time for the afternoon nap, a teacher takes off her schoolbag and let her lie on her bed. But she crys and jumps with anxious on the bed, so the teacher has to give her schoolbag after a while. It’s not easy for the teacher to make all the kids sleep. I find a teacher sits beside Miaomiao for a long while and pats on her hands. At last Miaomiao falls into asleep. A teacher takes her out to the toilet for a minute as she requires after a while. And Miaomiao continues to sleep after that. Another little girl beside Miaomiao can’t sleep and always sits or stands on the bed. The teacher also coaxes her for a while to make her sleep. They get up at nearly a quarter to three in the afternoon. Then the teachers teach them some children’s songs, take a meeting for them, and give them something to eat. Miaomiao is still crying when the teachers teach songs. For some reason, she and another two kids are sitting or standing far away from other kids while the teachers take a meeting for them.

We go to the kindergarten to take her home at four o’clock in the afternoon. We wait at the gate of the kindergarten for nearly an hour and then take her from her teacher. She is glad to see us and says that she would go to the kindergarten tomorrow. Her two teachers both tell me that Miaomiao cries a long time in the kindergarten today and it’s better for us to feed her more water after going home. One of her teacher says that Miaomiao knows the way home and cries that she wants mom all the time and pulls her to the stairs in the forenoon.

Miaomiao looks hungry and eats a banana, an apple and some peanuts when she arrives home. But she doesn’t want to eat by herself in supper time. At last we feed her some and she eats some by herself.

After supper, she goes outside with her grandparents to play for a while. Then she goes home, watches a cartoon, drinks some pear water, brushes her teeth, takes a shower, and then goes to bed. I read a kindergarten book to her as usual. She says that she wants to bring her dolls toy with her to the kindergarten tomorrow before she lies to sleep.

She falls into asleep soon. But she wets the bed in midnight. I think she is too tired, as she seldom wet the bed these days.

Hope she can feel better in the kindergarten tomorrow. It’s also a tough time for us to see her cry without us beside in the kindergarten.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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