Take Physical Examination For Kindergarten Admission

Miaomiao will go to the kindergarten next week. According to the provisions of the kindergarten, Sam and i take Miaomiao to the desired hospital to take physical examination for her after breakfast this forenoon. Sam asks a half day holiday and drives us there.

There are already many kids with their guardians like Miaomiao and us in the hospital when we arrive. After registration and pay the fee for the physical examination, we take Miaomiao to the physical examination room and wait behind the queue. Two doctors sit at the desk and are taking physical examination for two kids. The kids both sit on the legs of their guardians and one of which is crying. In front of Miaomiao there are nearly four or five kids waiting.

It’s Miaomiao’s turn soon, she sits on the chair alone under our encouragement. Then the doctor checks her heartbeats with stethoscope and asks Miaomiao to open her mouth and have a check. Miaomiao sits quiet on the chair and cooperates well. After the simple check of the mouth and heart, we take Miaomiao to another room beside for other examinations. Here they check the weight and height for Miaomiao and then look at her eyes for a while with a strange equipment.

After that we go to the fourth floor and there are sevral nurses abstract blood for kids. Many kids are crying here. “Really painful.” I hear a little boy cries to his grandma. I ask Miaomiao if she would cry when the nurse abstracts blood for her. She says no. And she really doesn’t cry when it’s her turn. She just frowns and says that she is not comfortable on the arm which has been sticked by the needle just now when i hold her sitting on the chair. She is really brave. And we are proud of her.

We take her to eat something later and then Sam drives us home. The kindergarten is about to start.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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