Make Friends

Miaomiao waked up sevral times last night. As a result, she wakes up late this morning, about ten o’clock.

Considering she wouldn’t take a nap this afternoon, i take her to the Children’s Playground after lunch. This Children’s Playground is in the shopping center of our city. We have bought ten times card here a week ago and Miaomiao has played here sevral times these days with her grandparents.

We arrive here at ten past thirteen o’clock in the afternoon. There are only sevral kids playing in the Children’s Playground. Miaomiao sits on a bicycle facility for a while and then plays the cassia in the cassia basin with me. Another two larger girls also come here and run away soon. Miaomiao feels excited at seeing those two girls. “I’m going to make friends.” She says to me happily and then runs away to follow those two girls.

“I don’t want to play with you. You go away!” The younger girl pushes Miaomiao away when Miaomiao stands beside them. Miaomiao is pushed away but she comes close to them again a minutes later. When the younger girl asks Miaomiao to go away and pushes Miaomiao the second time, i come near and try to persuade the girls accept Miaomiao. “How about you three playing together? It will be more fun to play with more friends, right?” I speak to the younger girl. “She is too small and we don’t want to play with her.” The younger girl says. I look at her for seconds and find the younger girl is only a bit taller than Miaomiao. “She is not very small, she is almost as big as you.” I reply. The younger girl looks at Miaomiao for sevral seconds and the older girl comes to compare the height for the younger girl and Miaomiao. “How old is she?” The older girl asks me. “She is three. And How old are you?” I ask the younger girl. “I’m three and half years old.” She answers and then runs away with the older girl.

Miaomiao runs after them immediately and follows them wherever they go. At first the two girls are still unwilling to play with Miaomiao. They push her away, grab toy from her hands, and hit her on the arms or even on the head sometimes. I don’t feel well, but i try not to intervene them even when Miaomiao looks at me sometimes. Because i know she may face similar situations in the kindergarten soon and she needs to learn to deal with this situation and make friends by herself. It’s not appropriate for me to intervene if not very dangerous. Maybe i can protect her from being bullied this time. But i can’t help her make friends. She needs friends.

Miaomiao still runs after the two girls in the Children’s Playground most of the times, though she also plays alone by herself sometimes. And gradually she seems to be accepted by the two girls. They ask Miaomiao to play slides with them sometimes, and they also pick ocean balls with Miaomiao together. Miaomiao plays happily with them and even doesn’t search for me for more than an hour. She glances at me for a second sometimes and then continues to play. And she also knows to come to me when she needs to drink water or to pee.

I’m really very glad for her growth. She still wanted to stay with me most of the time in the Children’s Playground sevral months ago. And now she becomes more independent and can make friends by herself, though it’s not very easy.

I only hope she can be treated tenderly by others and by the world in the future, especially when i’m not with her. I’m really worry about her as she would go to the kindergarten soon. That would be her first step to enter into the “society”.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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