Get A Runny Nose

In this hot summer, we often turn the air-condition on for nearly every whole nights. Last night Miaomiao kicked off her quilt during her sleep. Though i covered the quilt for her later, she still gets a runny nose this morning.

“Snot is out. I need to wipe my nose.” She says again and again to me this morning. So i get tissues to help her wipe her nose again and again. Maybe because her nose is not comfortable, she becomes more stick to me than usual. When i wash her dirty clothes, she sits beside and helps me push out the liquid detergent. And when i go downstairs to help her grandma fetch the heavy things she buys, Miaomiao also follows me go downstairs and upstairs. She is also more likely to lose her temper during this time, especially when i play her stickers book with her.

In order to let her feel better, i give her a bath with warm water in late forenoon. It’s nearly lunch time after her bath. Her grandma has cooked her favorite chinese yam and fish for lunch. Miaomiao enjoys her lunch and eats very full at last.

So it’s not easy for her to sleep after eating too much. I take her to our bedroom and tell her that we need to take a nap after read a book. She agrees and finds a book in her bookcase. She sits on my legs and i sit on the sofa. I read the book for her and she listens carefully. She wants to listen again after i read the book once. I don’t agree because i am too sleepy so she cries. At last i turn her rabbit teaching machine on and let her listen to stories read by the rabbit machine. I hold her on my knees for a while and then go to sleep on the bed. Miaomiao still listens to stories on the sofa. Sevral minutes later, I look at her and find that she is wiping her nose with a tissue by herself as well as listening to the story. I feel surprised because she usually asks others to wipe nose for her rather than wipes nose by herself. After a while, she gets off the sofa and throws the used tissue into the trash can. After she finds that i am watching her when she returns to the sofa, she smiles to me and continues to listen to the stories. And sevral minutes later, she goes to bed and takes off her socks before getting on bed. Then she lies beside me and asks me to cover quilt for her. And then with her hands touch my tummy, she falls into asleep soon.

From her behaviour this afternoon, i feel that she is more independent than i thought before. Maybe she has grown up but just wants to be a little kid in front of us? Anyway, she is really great, though i still worry about her loving cry, laziness, and dependence sometimes. And i also believe she could grow better and better in the future. But she is always my lovely little girl no matter how old she is.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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