Cry And Laugh

I don’t know why, Miaomiao sticks to me very much this morning. When i am going to wash yesterday’s dirty clothes after breakfast this morning, Miaomiao holds me tightly and doesn’t want me to go. “Miaomiao, fetch your story book and let me read it for you. Your mom is going to wash clothes.” As Miaomiao likes reading very much these days, her grandma says to her like this. “Mom reads book for me.” Miaomiao says. “How about grandma reading for you?” Her grandma trys to change her mind. But Miaomiao doesn’t listen and still holds me tightly. Seeing this, her granpa sits beside asks me to read books for Miaomiao and he washes those clothes then.
But i have to go to the toilet first, i think. As Miaomiao is still holding me tightly, so i have to take her to the toilet with me. But Miaomiao doesn’t want me to go to the toilet to pee. Of course i can’t listen to her and still go to the toilet with her. Then she starts to cry. She cries and cries, also asks me to take her here or there continuously. I listen to her this time and take her to wherever she wants to go in the house. But she continues to cry all the time. Her grandma comes and wants to take her away. Miaomiao holds me tightly and doesn’t want to leave me. So i ask her grandma not to worry too much about her and just let she cries for a while if she wants to cry. Her grandma doesn’t believe but still goes away. Miaomiao stops her crying after her grandma leaves.

Then i take Miaomiao to our bedroom and read one of her favorite story books for her. She listens happily and asks me to read once more after i read this book. I want to go to the toilet again this time because of drinking too much water this morning. So i tell her directly that i want to go to the toilet again. She also says that she wants to pee this time. So i take her to the toilet and help her pee. She doesn’t want me to pee after she finishes hers. I tell her that it’s not right to ask others not to go to the toilet. She doesn’t listen and crys to ask me leave the toilet with her. I continue to tell her that holding urine is not comfortable and healthy, and if she doesn’t allow me to pee this time, i won’t help her to pee next time. She cries and still doesn’t want me to pee. So i go to the toilet regardless of her opposition. She cries and cries me not to pee in the toilet. She also insists that she can pee if she wants but i can’t pee if i need. I blame her for her selfish opinion and let her cry for a while in the toilet. At last she agrees that i can also go to the toilet the same as her if needed. I hold her out of the toilet when she calms down and then take her to our bedroom to continue reading books for her.

We read books for a while and play stickers together in our bedroom. Then i hear someone knocks the door in the living room. After a while the door is open and i hear the voice of Miaomiao’s father Sam. Sam comes back. Miaomiao feels excited and laughs. “My dad is back! My dad comes back!” After putting on her shoes, she runs and jumps out of our bedroom and runs towards Sam in the living room. Sam smiles and holds her up. She holds Sam tightly and calls her dad loudly. “daddy! daddy” She is happy and excited because Sam hasn’t came back for nearly thee weeks because of work. She misses him, i think. She follows her dad whatever he does after he comes back till it’s time for lunch.

During the lunch time, Miaomiao’s grandpa asks his confusion. “Why does Miaomiao cry so much this forenoon? She doesn’t cry like this usually.” “Because she knows her dad will be back today?” Her grandma says. Is there any connection between them? I think in my heart.

There is no reason. You can’t always know and understand a kid’s world and thought. Try to stay with them as a friend, maybe you can understand some one day.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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