A Busy Day For Me

The kindergarten will be start tomorrow. And it’s really a busy day for me today. Continue reading A Busy Day For Me


Wash Her Kindergarten Things

Miaomiao eats breakfast with her dad Sam by herself this morning. After breakfast, Sam goes to the company to work overtime. And i start to wash our dirty clothes, Miaomiao’s new quilt covers, schoolbag, school uniforms, and the new clothes we bought for her yesterday. Miaomiao peels a pomegranate and eats it on a chair beside the end table.
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Go To The Kindergarten

I have joined in a QQ group created by Miaomiao’s teacher for all her students’ parents the day before yesterday. And she has told us that we could take our kids to the kindergarten to visit and play with her from today in order to let them get familiar with the new environment before the start of the kindergarten. Continue reading Go To The Kindergarten

Take Photoes And Play A Whole Day

Miaomiao’s kindergarten teacher informed us to prepare eight two inch photoes for Miaomiao before the start of kindergarten. So i take Miaomiao to the suguo supermarket by Sam’s car this morning, as there is a self service camera beside a nearby restaurant which can print the photoes immediately after taking photoes there. Continue reading Take Photoes And Play A Whole Day