Color Pictures

It’s still hot today. Miaomiao goes into her grandparents’ bedroom to play after breakfast this morning because it’s much cooler there than the living room. Her grandma follows her enters into her room. I go into the room and find that Miaomiao is lying on the clean floor with her grandma with a toy stick in her hands. I bring her stickers book and water to her and go out of her grandparents’ bedroom. They play together in the bedroom for a while and Miaomiao comes to ask me if she can watch cartoons on TV. I tell her not to watch too long and she runs to watch TV with her grandma then.

They watch TV for about half an hour and then her grandma goes into the kitchen to prepare for lunch. I go to see Miaomiao and she wants to be held by me. I hold her out and fetch her favorite new book [A Day In Kindergarten] and some paper. We stay in the living room and open her book. Her new book [A Day In Kindergarten] writes a day’s life of multiple animal babies in animal kindergarten. This book gives me some inspiration and makes me also want to draw a story of kindergarten children’s daily life for her. But Miaomiao asks me to draw the multiple animals on the paper when i open the book. So i start to draw the animals in the book on a paper and she colors the pictures with her water color pens. First it’s the baby hedgehog, then the baby owl, and then the baby giraffe. Everytime i finish one picture, she colors it. As it’s not easy to color the pictures with water color pens, she always asks me to color the small parts on the pictures or the edge of each picture and she colors the rest parts. “Don’t color it to the outside of the picture.” She always tells me this when i color the pictures for her. And when i ask her to color all the pictures by herself, she always says that she would color to the outside if she colors the edges or the small parts of the pictures. Though i tell her it’s ok to color a bit to the outside of the picture, she doesn’t listen and insists on her opinion. I think this maybe because her grandparents often told her not to color to the outside before. And she couldn’t change her mind immediately.

After lunch, she continues to color pictures on her pictures book.This time she colors the picture with her crayons. But she still colors a small parts of the picture and then asks me to color the rest. I refuse and tell her to color them by herself. She cries and asks me to color them. I tell her that every kids would color to the outside at the beginning and the teacher wouldn’t blame them for it. She doesn’t listen and still asks me to color them. So i get one crayon and color a bit to the outside of the picture intentionally at one time. Then i tell her that i don’t know how to color correctly and ask her to teach me. This time she gets her crayon and colors the picture carefully. I praise her and encourage her to continue. Then she gradually finishes her picture all by herself very well. I am happy and she also feels glad. “Don’t color it to the outside. Mom doesn’t know how to color and colors it to the outside. I have colored pictures often when i was very young. So i am good at coloring and don’t color it to the outside. I do better than my mom.” She says to her grandma. I can’t help laughing when i hear her words. And then i find this way works.

If you pretend to be stupid, your baby may become smart. You can also have a try.


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Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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