Just A Kid, Like To Play

It has rained for sevral days, so we stayed at home most of the time these days. During this period, Miaomiao often played on the bamboo mat in the living room with her grandma while i was doing something else.

It rained heavily in the forenoon yesterday. As usual, Miaomiao played her magnetic building blocks with her grandma on the mat while i was washing her dirty clothes. After i hanged all the clothes on the rope on the balcony, Miaomiao’s grandma got a besom and started to clean the rainwater on the floor of the balcony because of the heavy rain. I held Miaomiao to watch her grandma cleaning rainwater for a while and then planed to take her to the mat to play with her. But Miaomiao wanted to watch her grandma all the time. She didn’t want to go away to play with me. So i had to hold her beside and kept on watching her grandma cleaning water. After cleaning all the water, her grandma got a duster cloth from the bathroom and continued to clean the leaking rainwater in her bedroom. Miaomiao still wanted to watch her grandma beside, so i had to hold her to follow her grandma. After cleaning the bedroom, her grandma washed the dirty duster cloth in the bathroom. I held Miaomiao standing at the doorway of the bathroom watching. Then her grandma went into the toilet beside. Miaomiao also wanted to follow. I refused and told her that she could go to the toilet with her grandma by herself. She cried loudly and insisted on going to see her grandma in the toilet with me. I stood still and ignored her. She kept on crying and willing to see her grandma all the time until her grandma got out from the toilet and took her away. She stopped crying and continued to play her magnetic building blocks on the mat with her grandma then. I felt a bit depressed for her sticking to her grandma and not sticking to me.

Then in the afternoon yesterday, her grandma went out to play mahjong outside nearby. I stayed at home and tried to help Miaomiao to take her afternoon nap. But she couldn’t fall asleep after lying on our bed for nearly an hour. Then she got up and played her toys in her drawer. At last i had to get up too and took her to the living room. We had some snacks together. Then i found it stopped to rain outside. So i took her downstairs and she started to run around in the courtyard. I followed her and tried to found something interesting for her. At last we found sevral small snails beside the flower bed. Miaomiao felt a bit excited and played with these snails. She didn’t dare to touch these snails but was keen to find many fallen leaves for those snails. Everytime a snail went away from the leaves, she asked me to take it on the leaves. She played happily for a while. At last we took two snails home and kept them in two plastic cups. Miaomiao felt excited and helped me feed them with apple skin. I helped her taking a shower after a while and she slept early last night.

As a result she got up early this morning. Her grandma went out to buy some vegetables after preparing the dumplings for us as breakfast. I fed Miaomiao some dumplings after i finished mine. She didn’t eat dumplings well, so i tried to draw and color pictures with her as well as fed her dumplings. She ate some and at last drink a cup of milk. After breakfast, i taught her some english letters and words on the paper. She felt interested and enjoyed to learn. Her grandma came home at this time. She put down the vegetables she bought in the market on the ground of the kitchen and then sat on the balcony to have a rest. She asked Miaomiao to play with her there, but Miaomiao didn’t go there. Miaomiao and i started to play the ‘running race’ in the house after a while. We ran and walked for a long time and both our clothes were wet by sweat. We both took a shower and then it was time for lunch. Miaomiao was sticky to me at this time. She didn’t like to pen her mouth to eat while her grandma or grandpa fed her. But she ate her lunch fast while i fed her. She followed me from the living room to the kitchen after lunch and wanted to play with me. Her grandma wanted to play with her, but she just followed me. Then i played the jigsaws with her. Her grandma said that she felt a bit heart-broken because Miaomiao ignored her all the time today. Then i thought about the feeling of mine yesterday. Nearly the same.

After that, i think i wouldn’t feel depressed if Miaomiao sticks to her grandma next time. Actually she is just a little kid and likes to play. She likes to play with someone who plays well with her. If she sticks to her grandma next time, it indicates that her grandma has played well with her. I would thank her for the companion of Miaomiao when i was way, and play with Miaomiao next time to make her happy. It’s ok as long as she plays well and feels happy, no matter who plays with. Anyhow, i am her mother.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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