I had a little conflict with Miaomiao’s grandma yesterday. The reason is because…

Miaomiao’s grandpa didn’t come back to have supper at home in the late afternoon yesterday. So Miaomiao’s grandma and i took Miaomiao out with her small cart after supper. But it started to rain after we went out for a little while. So we pushed Miaomiao in her cart to go back home. When we arrived at the gate in front of our building, i knocked the door of the doorkeeper’s room for my express delivery and asked Miaomiao’s grandma to push Miaomiao to the downstairs to wait for me. I planed to hold Miaomiao upstairs after i fetched my delivery, as Miaomiao didn’t like to climb up the stairs these days. I waited for sevral minutes in front of the door and found the doorkeeper was away. So i gave up and walked towards the downstairs of our building. I found her grandma and Miaomiao waiting for me on the way. Her grandma told me that she wanted to take Miaomiao to the platform in front of her grandpa’s working place beside our building. She pointed that platform to me. Miaomiao also looked at there and said she wanted to play there. I didn’t want her to play there with her grandma because it was nearly dark at that time and raining. What’s more, there was no light there as everyone was off work and the long wet steps seemed dangerous. In addition, there were many mosquitoes in the hot and rainy night.

For those reasons, i refused her proposition and held Miaomiao upstairs. Miaomiao cried and still wanted to play on the platform. The rain was heavily at this time. So i continued to hold her upstairs despite her cring. Miaomiao’s grandma seemed a bit angry because of my rejection. She went into the rain with her umbrella to look for the doorkeeper to get the delivery. I took Miaomiao home at first. She cried all the time and wanted to go to the platform to play despite what i say. Her grandma came home soon and took Miaomiao outside with her umbrella then. I felt a bit angry for her proposition of going to the platform in front of Miaomiao and she took Miaomiao out despite the bad weather and time.

They came back about half an hour later. After they arrived home, Miaomiao spoke loudly to me “I want to take the medicine.” Her grandma explained behind”She has a runny nose.” I felt more angry because as i knew Miaomiao didn’t have runny nose till the supper time. And she can cure herself soon even if she got a mild cold just now. So i refused Miaomiao directly “No, you don’t need to take the medicine, i don’t agree.” Miaomiao cried immediately after that. “Don’t cry, grandma help you to take the medicine.” Her grandma said to her directly. I told her grandma that she didn’t need to take any medicine. But her grandma didn’t think so, “It’s ok to take a bit radix isatidis infusion.” Whatever she said, i didn’t agree. Miaomiao was still crying beside. So her grandma took a bowl and planed to prepare the medicine for Miaomiao by herself. I was so angry that i can’t bear shouting at her “It is always like this! Everytime i say her no, you say her yes. Why do you do like this? ” Her grandma didn’t expect i would get angry and explained “As long as she didn’t cry. Besides, it was not a matter of principle.”

I walked away after that and her grandma didn’t help Miaomiao take medicine at last. Miaomiao cried for a little while and then played with her grandma in the living room.

I have thought a lot after this conflict with her grandma. Miaomiao has came to Suizhou for a week. During this period, i admit her grandma spent more time to play with her. Whatever she desired, her grandparents always said yes to her, even if i didn’t agree. So she would like to play with her grandparents more sometimes, and also listened to her grandparents more sometimes.

Though i don’t agree with the idea “as long as she doesn’t cry”, But what is wrong? What’s right? Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect answer. Maybe i also try to change a little bit of my attitude on her unsuitable desires. Above all, spending a bit more time to play with her is needed.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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