3 Years Old Birthday

Today is Miaomiao’s three years old birthday. She wakes up at nearly half past seven this morning. I dress her up and she goes to the living room to play with her magnetic building blocks on the bamboo mat by herself.

Miaomiao’s grandma gets three cool boiled eggs and rolls around her after a while. Miaomiao feels curious and asks why she rolls eggs on her like that. Her grandma laughs and tells her that it’s an old custom which means that her three years old birthday would be rolled away soon just like the eggs roll away from her.

After that, Miaomiao starts to have her breakfast. Her grandma prepares the birthday noodles and a poached egg for her. But she doesn’t want to eat by herself. So her grandma feed her with her birthday noodles and egg beside her. I ask her to eat by herself. But she refuses and continues to eat noodles and egg with the help of her grandma.

After breakfast, i wipe her face with a wet towel and then change a pretty pink dress for her. She looks like a cute little princess in the pink dress. She turns around and watches her dress for a while, then go to another room to play her stickers.

We go to a reserved restaurant at nearly half past ten in the forenoon in Sam’s car. My parents, my brother, his girlfriend and her dad, and a familiar driver come here at nearly noon. They are all invited by Miaomiao’s grandparents – Sam’s parents to celebrate Miaomiao’s three years old birthday. For some reason, my younger sister can’t come here today. But she asked my parents to give her presents to Miaomiao – a music fishing toy and two suits of lovely clothes. My parents and brother also buy a pretty birthday cake for Miaomiao. My mother helps Miaomiao light the birthday candles and we all sing birthday song to her. Miaomiao is happy and looks at the birthday candles carefully. We help her blow out the candles and then share the birthday cake together. Of course, the first piece of cake is for Miaomiao. She likes to eat the birthday cake very much.

We have lunch together. Sam takes Miaomiao and i back home after lunch. The grandparents all stay at the restaurant and play mahjong in the afternoon. Miaomiao plays her new toy by my sister after arriving home. And then she plays her multiple small toys in our bedroom. She doesn’t want to sleep and plays for a whole afternoon. We return to the restaurant at ten past five in the afternoon. Miaomiao runs happily around the big dining-table for nearly an hour. She falls asleep when we are just starting our supper for a while. She is too tired without afternoon nap.

We go home at nearly nine o’clock at night. Miaomiao wakes up in Sam’s car. She drinks a cup of milk after arriving home. She plays cards with her grandma. for a while and then takes a shower with my help. She pastes stickers in her book on the bed and then holds her small sea horse to sleep.

This is Miaomiao’s three years old birthday – a normal but happy day. Hope she can be healthy and happy everyday in the future.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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