Take Photographes

It will be Miaomiao’s three years old birthday next friday. Sam and i plan to take her to take her three years old photographes today. We have made an appointment with a children’s photo studio at nine o’clock this morning.

Miaomiao wakes up at nearly eight o’clock this morning and we go to that studio in Sam’s car. Sam drives his car and Miaomiao and i have our breakfast in the car. We arrive at the photo studio at twenty past nine because of the traffic jam on the road.

The photo studio looks very lovely and a young staff here gives sevral small toys to Miaomiao and plays with her, which makes Miaomiao feels less nervous. I choose three suits of pretty clothes for her and help her change one suit at first. The dresser puts a little bit powder on her face, tidies up her hair, and then puts a cute bobby pin on her hair. Miaomiao looks very lovely and beautiful now. Then the staff asks her to sit on a sofa and the the photographer starts to take photoes for her with his camera. During this time, the young working staff keeps on trying to make Miaomiao does multiple kinds of actions. After taking sevral photoes, the young staff puts some new stage properties beside or changes some accessories for Miaomiao. And the photographer then continues to take photoes while the staff continues to teach Miaomiao. Miaomiao sits, or lies on, or stands by the sofa and does some simple actions as the staff asks her to do, such as touching her ears, blowing bubbles, etc. Sometimes when Miaomiao doesn’t want to do some actions, the young staff would show her some interesting little toys and tells her that she can play with them after taking photoes.Then Miaomiao would continue to do the actions. I stand behind the photographer and the staff and keep on watching her. And i think this also can make Miaomiao feels more relieved as she can always see me there when she wants to see me. The photography goes smoothly and Miaomiao is happy to take photoes this time in general. I change clothes for her whenever she finishes one group of photographes. 

As we plan to take a group of parenting photographes in our own clothes at the end, so the dresser wants to make up for me when Miaomiao is taking photographes in her third suit of clothes. Miaomiao doesn’t listen to the staff and jumps here and there in the studio after taking sevral photographes in this clothes. Sam takes her to me and she looks around in the dressing room for a while and then goes out. She continues to jump after that. Her photographes are still unfinished after my making up is fulfilled. I try to ask her to listen to the staff and take photoes seriously. At last she listens to me and takes the rest of photoes. After taking individual photographes for her, the photographer takes sevral parenting photographes for our family in our own clothes.

The photography is finished at half past eleven in the forenoon. The staff in this photo studio tells us that the photoes taken today will be sent to my mailbox in one week for me to choose. Then they can do some albums and other related products for us. 

Generally speaking, Miaomiao performs much better than before while taking photographes outside. Maybe because she is older than before or maybe because this photo studio is better than we chose before. Anyhow, i am looking forward to see the photoes taken this time.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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