Buy A Toy Goose

After raining for more than one week, the weather turns sunny today. So i take Miaomiao to the outside to have breakfast after getting up this morning.

We eat some hot and dry noodles and a cup of soybean milk in the breakfast shop downstairs. Then we go to the nearby small square where many kids are playing there. Miaomiao watches two kids playing water gun toy on beside the small pool and tells me that she also wants to fetch her water gun toy home to play it here. As it’s a bit far away from home, so i don’t want to take her home and then go out with her toy again. I find a grandpa selling multiple hydrogen balloons and plastic toys by an old bicycle nearby when i’m thinking about how to let her gives up her idea of fetching water gun toy. So i take her to the grandpa and asks her if she wants to buy a balloon to play. She looks at all the toys here and then chooses a toy goose. This is a beautiful plastic toy goose with red mouth, white long neck, and blue backside. Under it’s white tummy there are two pairs of red wheels. I pay money and the grandpa gives us the toy goose. He also gives us a red plastic round hand ring. I tie it to the rope in front of the goose’s neck. Then Miaomiao starts to take it away with the hand ring in her hand.
She likes the toy goose so much that she pulls it around and laughs continually. As there are some vehicles passing by occasionally, i think it’s not very safe to play here. So i take her to our community and want to find a shady and cool place inside our community to play. Miaomiao takes her goose with her and goes with me. She watches her goose and often smiles on the way. 

We arrive a suitable place and find Bean and some other kids are also playing here. Bean is playing his toy car and isn’t interested in Miaomiao’s toy goose. Miaomiao continues to pull her toy goose and walks around here. She watches bugs on the floor with Bean sometimes, but most of the time she plays with her toy goose. Then a little girl wants to grab her goose one time, she pushes her away and takes her toy goose away. After a while, Bean and his mom plan to buy some vegetables in the small market beside our community. We also want to buy some. So i take Miaomiao to go with them. Bean starts to have some interests on Miaomiao’s toy goose now. So i ask Miaomiao if she can give her goose to Bean to play for a while. She agrees and gives the hand ring of her toy goose to Bean. But she always walks beside her toy goose on the way and keeps on looking at the toy goose all the time. She cares about her toy goose. She even holds the toy goose sometimes while the hand ring is still in Bean’s hand. Bean doesn’t play her goose when we arrives at the small market to buy vegetables. Miaomiao takes the hand ring then and takes it with us when we leave here. We come across Tommy and his brother and mom on our way home. Tommy wants to play the toy goose too. Miaomiao gives the hand ring of the toy goose to Tommy and stands beside to watch him play. Bean’s mom and i chat with Tommy’s mom for a while and then separate. Miaomiao gets her toy goose and goes with us then. Luckily Tommy isn’t very interested in her toy goose. Otherwise Miaomiao won’t be happy to go home without the toy goose. She feels cheerful on our way home and i can see that she is glad for owning a new favorite toy. She really likes this toy goose.

She puts her toy goose on the floor after arriving home and then goes to play her other toys in her toy house. Maybe she just likes to play it outside? Hope she can like this new toy longer.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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