Children’s Puzzle Handmade Area


Sam’s working place has been submerged by the continuous rain these days. So he doesn’t go to work today. After breakfast, Sam plays with Miaomiao while i tidy up my plants in our balcony and wash our dirty clothes.

We go to a restaurant beside suguo supermarket by car at noon to have lunch. Miaomiao enjoys her meal by herself on a baby chair and eats a lot. Then we take Miaomiao to a Children’s puzzle handmade area nearby. There are many items for kids to play here, such as children fishing, beaded toys, Legos, building blocks, sand pool with sand toys, children’s clay, etc. It’s Miaomiao’s first time to play here. Miaomiao is attracted by the colorful beaded toys immediately after she enters in. I teach her to string together different beads. She soon can do it by herself very well. She likes to pick different beads and strings them together. She makes sevral different yet beautiful bead necklaces by herself and puts one necklace around her neck each time. Then she always likes to ask me if it’s pretty. Very cute. She plays these beaded toys for a long time and then trys the Legos and sand toys for a while. Then i go with her to play the children’s clay together. There are many different small plastic moulds together with green clay here. We choose one mould and put the clay into it, then we can get a well shaped clay such as a letter, an animal, a number, etc. Miaomiao makes different shapes of clay with me at first. And then she can finish them all by herself. She likes to choose different letter moulds most to make different letter shaped clay. She plays the clay with me for more than one hour and doesn’t want to leave late in the afternoon.
At last we try to persuade her going shopping with us in suguo supermarket and then go home. She likes to play here with me, and with many other kids, i’m sure of it. So maybe we can come here to play soon next time.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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