Why Doesn’t She Go To Bed ?


Miaomiao wakes up at nearly nine o’clock this morning. After breakfast, she pastes stickers in her books while i am washing clothes and our coverlets.

Our neighbour’s child Tommy knocks our door and wants to play with Miaomiao at nearly noon. So Miaomiao and Tommy play together in her toy house then. Tommy’s mother goes back to their home to prepare lunch after a while. Tommy goes home with her mother. Miaomiao also goes with Tommy and wants to play in their home.
So at last we eat lunch in Tommy’s home. Miaomiao plays happily with Tommy and his toys and eats a lot for lunch. After lunch, they continue to play together or eat some snacks sometimes. They play so excited that even forget taking their afternoon naps. Then at half past four, Brother Bean comes here too with his mom. We go out together at nearly five o’clock in the afternoon. Tommy, Bean, and Miaomiao run happily on the ground and at last go to the Children’s area to play slide and seesaw with other kids. As Bean usually eats his supper before six o’clock in the afternoon, his mom takes him home after playing for a while. Tommy and Miaomiao follow them and then we go to Tommy’s home together. While Bean’s mother feeds supper for Bean, Miaomiao and Tommy read Bean’s books for a while and watch TV together then. Until it’s nearly seven o’clock, Miaomiao and i leave Bean’s home together with Tommy and his mom. Miaomiao forgets her toy plane in Bean’s home and cries for it in the elevator. So we go back to fetch it after Tommy goes home. As Sam plans to work overtime today, Tommy and his parents both invite Miaomiao and i to have supper in their home. So we have dinner in Tommy’s home. Miaomiao still eats a lot here.
We go home at nearly eight o’clock at night. I lay out our sheets and wash for both of us. Then i take Miaomiao on the bed and plan to let her sleep after reading three story books for her. It’s about ten past nine o’clock. Then i hear someone opening the door – Sam comes back. Miaomiao is very glad to see her dad back and wants to play with him. But Sam still hasn’t had dinner yet. So i ask Sam to read stories for Miaomiao and i go to the kitchen to cook some dumplings for him. When the dumplings are ready, Miaomiao doesn’t want to sleep but also wants to eat something. So i give her a cup of hot milk. She drinks up her milk but still says that she wants to have some snacks. I feel a bit angry because she has brushed her teeth before taking a shower. And it’s not good to eat snacks late at night. At last Sam helps her chooses snacks and has snacks. I ask her to gargle before sleep and she does as i say. Then she lies on the bed and plans to sleep. She tosses about on the bed and finally falls asleep. It’s already half past ten o’clock then.
From 9:00 am to 10:30 pm, she doesn’t sleep for more than 13 hours. I think this would be too long for a little kid. Actually she often keeps waking up for more than 12 hours or even longer. Doesn’t she feel tired or sleepy? Maybe. But she doesn’t like to take afternoon nap these days and often sleeps late at night. So, should i try to let her sleep a bit longer? Maybe i should try.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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