Eat A Peach


Miaomiao likes to eat peaches. She ate one last forenoon. And after breakfast this morning, when i ask her if she wants to have one peach, she says yes. Considering she put peach juice to everywhere around her yesterday, i change a method for her to eat a peach.
First i choose a red and ripe peach from our basket, and find a knife in the kitchen. Second i peel the peach with the knife and find a bowl in the kitchen. Third i cut the peach into small pieces and put them in the bowl. At last i get a toothpick for Miaomiao and then she can eat the peach pieces with the toothpick.
Miaomiao likes this way to eat peaches. She pokes peach pieces from the bowl and puts them into her mouth. She also knows to eat one piece at one time. I also like this way for her to eat peaches, because she can eat by herself and also won’t put juice to her hands and clothes.
Not only peaches, i think she can eat many other kinds of fruit such as pears, watermelons, and apples in this way next time, right?


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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