A Hot Day


It’s a hot day today. After breakfast, Miaomiao and i stay at home. She plays in her toy house and finds some unfinished and destroyed handmade works such as small train, table lamp, etc. She wants to repair these works by glue with me.
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In The Children’s Playground


My friend Wendy asked me to taste the pot-stewed meat and other food in her home today. So i take Miaomiao to the Children’s Playground this afternoon and plan to have supper in Wendy’s home nearby. As Wendy’s son Kenny is eight months older than Miaomiao and hasn’t been in the kindergarten, so i also tell Wendy to take her son to the Children’s Playground to play together with Miaomiao. She agrees.
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There are many snacks in our home. We bought some from the nearby supermarket, and we also took some from Miaomiao’s grandparents’ home, as Miaomiao’s grandma always likes to buy snacks in supermarkets very much especially when they were at bargain price. Those snacks include multiple cookies, potato chips, puffed food, chocolates, cupcakes, etc. Miaomiao didn’t like to eat snacks before. She only ate a little when we bought some from outside and then didn’t eat anymore. She often had some fruit between lunch and supper and didn’t eat any snacks or only ate a little sometimes. Continue reading Snacks