Face Separation


Today Miaomiao’s grandparents plan to leave WuHan and go back to SuiZhou by train. Before they leave, in order to avoid crying of Miaomiao, i stay in our bedroom with her, without saying goodbye in the doorway to her grandparents.

After they leave, Miaomiao still sits beside my dresser in our bedroom without knowing that her grandparents has left. After a while, she goes out of our bedroom and looks around in the house for a while. “Where are my grandparents going?” She asks me after searching for no results and then sitting on the sofa. “They are on their way to SuiZhou’s home, honey.” I answer. “I want to go back to SuiZhou too.” She says. “No, you can’t. This is our home, and SuiZhou is grandparents’ home, you should leave with us, honey.” I explain. “I want to go back SuiZhou, you come with me.” She cries. “Then how about your dad?” I ask. “He stays here alone.” She says. “SuiZhou is far away, we need your dad driving the car to take us there, so we go back to SuiZhou when your dad is on a holiday, ok?” “No, i want to go back to SuiZhou now.” “How could we go back to SuiZhou now?” “We fly to SuiZhou.” “How to fly? We have no wings.” “Like this, we have wings.” She waves her arms. “How about your dad? He is so pitiful to stay here alone.” “Let him stay alone.” …
I can’t persuade her after a long talk. then i take out some snacks she loves to eat and tempts her to willing to stay here. She eats up the snacks and still wants to back to SuiZhou. At last i give her two choices, to go back to SuiZhou and lives with her grandparents from now on, or to stay here with us. I tell her that i will not leave her dad and so she has to make a choice. She cries for a while and says that she wants to live with us, but she still wants to have a look at SuiZhou today. …
Of course she doesn’t go back to SuiZhou today at last, but she loses her temper sevral times after then and mentions sevral times of her willing to go back to SuiZhou.
I know that she hates separation as she grows older. Her grandparents are very good to her and she doesn’t want to leave them. She is more cling to her grandparents than her father emotionally. This maybe because she was born in SuiZhou and spent more time with her grandparents than her father before. And this also shows that her father should make greater efforts to accompany and play with her.


Published by

Tina Peng

Tina Peng, Miaomiao's mother, born in 1985, and give birth to Miaomiao in summer of 2013, love Miaomiao very much, and willing to record her tiny things in this blog.

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